Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Greetings from OZ

Well, I made the long voyage to the land down under. The flight (after a 3-hour delay in LAX) was not bad at all. I slept for awhile and watched several movies, including, of course, Finding Nemo in honor of my destination. The airline lost my luggage, but luckily it was returned later that night, although I slept on a towel since my sheets were in that bag. I'm living five minutes from the beach...though it's a bit chilly at the moment. My roommates are coincidentally, all kosher Jewish girls, and we met a Jewish lady at the grocery store who told us about a temple on our street.

Food shopping on my own is quite interesting, as I've learned you really can't buy just one thing. I.E. Tuna? You need bread and mayo. I plan to test out my cooking skills. I had orientation today, which was about five hours of information, so that was a lot to take in. I start ultimate soon with the UNSW team, as well as looking into playing in mixed nationals. I'm excited to play, but unfortunately I didn't bring my heavy under armour. They said this is the coldest winter in 25 years. It's not that bad, but my apartment is freezing.

We went to the Syndey Aquarium yesterday in Darling Harbour. I saw platypae? Would that be correct? We also walked through a glass tunnel with water on all sides, including underneath in a tank of sharks. That was really something. The sharks were pretty big and nasty looking. We also saw some giant crabs you wouldn't want to encounter! Last night we went to the Beach Palace Hotel, which is the main bar/club in Coogee, the town I'm living in. A girl we know was kicked out for being too intoxicated- it was humorous.

Tomorrow my roommates and I plan to get internet, as I've been spending money at the internet cafe, though UNSW did just give us a $50 voucher for the internet. Tonight is a friend's birthday so I think we're going to go out to eat for that. Classes start on Monday; I believe my schedule is going to be a bit rigorous...three history classes and a philosophy class. But I don't have classes on Tuesday or Friday, though I do go until 6 on Monday and Wednesday. It gets dark pretty early and cold as well.

Stay tuned for more of my adventures, but for the sake of my mother, not too many wild adventures. For details on those, inquire in person.


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