Friday, October 26, 2007

6 days till classes, 46 days til home

Hi everyone,

Good news! I finished the majority of my work for the semester. I had three 2000 word papers due within seven days of each other and a presentation. I have one more written assignment due next week, but that shouldn't be terribly hard considering the presentation has most of our material. I have two finals (for the same class but with different's an awful class) and an in-class exam and a take-home exam. We'll see how studying goes with those...

The weather is great, and the beaches are finally hoppin. I've found it harder and harder to go to class living right next to the beach, however I only have six days of class left, so I can't really justify skipping anymore. The other day the university held the biggest Sydney party for university-age people called Oktoberfest. Unfortunately I didn't have any German gear, but it was good anyway. I went with some kids from my team, and if it weren't for the two tallest guys around, Frank who's 6'7 and Waz who's 6'4 with a cool hat, I would have spent my entire night looking for my friends. It was held in the uni bar, and there were like four different tents of different music and food and drinks. It was ridiculously loud so most of the night was spent texting people to tell them where you were trying to dance among the hundreds of sweaty, beer-laden students. I had a few friends crash at my place, and one of them had his car on campus. I took the liberty of driving home, which I did extremely well. Not only did I drive on the left side of the road, the stick shift was also on the left, yet the gears were in the same place so it was all backwards and crazy. But we made it home.

I've been watching the Red Sox (cross fingers for tonight's game) at a sports bar down the street. The staff has come to know me, and everytime they see me there they ask how the Red Sox are doing. It's stressful, and kind of a bummer to watch alone since there's no one to high five. My roommates are Yankees fans and one of them is also a Rockies fan and I get extremely annoyed when she talks trash, but I can't do it back...yet. Two more games...come onnnnn Sox!

Today my friends and I barbecued on the beach and tye-dyed T-shirts. I invited my ultimate coach and we threw around for more than an hour. My friends were amazed at how long we could throw and not get bored. One of my roommates said I was really good. Yeah, I'm a pro at playing catch. My friend Kendra has been wanting to take me on a surf lesson for ages so I'm going to head over to Bondi, a great surfing beach apparently, on Tuesday and rent a board and a wetsuit. I have a fair amount of upper body strength so we'll see how it goes.

Next week I'm taking an exam for an editing internship I've applied for for next summer. Let's hope for the best!! I'm also looking into a tour of Tasmania in early November before exams...during study week. Haha. It's a three-day outdoorsy tour, which should be really cool. We need to get on the booking though.

Nothing much else is going on. It's been a quiet few weeks with all my work, but I can't believe I'll be home in 46 days! I have my course registration for next spring coming up, and I've also found housing for senior year, which is a bit stressful to do abroad. Wow, senior housing. It flies by.


To add to your Australian dictionary:

sunnies: sunglasses
stubby: beer bottle
good on ya: good job
singlet: tank top
bottleshop: liquor store

Funny tidbit:
A friend ordered mayonaise "on the side." The waitress gave her a funny look and came back with mayonaise smeared around the edge of the burger.

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